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City comparison

The core of this product is the web service www.airqualitynow.eu as it was already developed in the previous CITEAIR project. This interactive web service provides near real-time air quality information from about 50 European cities and offers the opportunity that citizens can easily compare the air quality in their city with other places in Europe. This is possible through the application of the first European Air Quality Index.

WWW.airqualitynow.eu is designed in a flexible manner and is open to welcome new cities who want to deliver and publish to heir Air Quality Data. Instruction how Cities can join the servce can be found under www.airqualitynow.eu/about_join.php

During the CITEAIR II project, this service was further developed by adding new tools and information to this web service. These included a updated index which also included PM2.5 data, a forecast, and a web version as well as smart phone app to access the service.

To make the web site used more easily by local population, multilingual pages have been developed.




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